Which AP is best for studying?

Hi, After my first hospitalization this summer I was prescribed a medication called risperidone. On risperdal I had serious problems with thinking clearly so I talked it through with my psychiatrist and we switched over to geodon. I’ve definitely noticed a difference on Geodon–I no longer have to deal with distracting audio hallucinations and I’ve noticed a complete remission of negative symptoms, and additionally my thoughts are alot clearer in general. For some perspective, on risperdal I would probably have trouble writing this question out altogether. Unfortunately Geodon brought on some nearly unbearable side effects, and this has made me consider talking to my pdoc about changing to another medication.

I am now planning on going back to community college for a few classes, and to do this I need mental clarity.

My question is this: which antipsychotic in your experience of trying out different ones has allowed you to have the best mental clarity for studying?

Only AP which i have tried which doesn’t give much cognitive side-effects is Serdolect(Sertindole) too bad it is banned in the US. I have tried Abilify,Zyprexa and Risperdal. Serdolect is otherwise ok, but does not help with sleep lke the other APs. But then you guys have Latuda, which as far as i understand should be nice for studying.

I can study well on Invega Sustenna monthly injections.

The one that suits you the best.

no one can tell you that, it’s trial and error.

I think it’s dangerous to keep switching - sz has cognitive difficulties element in itself

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