Which antidepresant best for anxiety

Hi i m using abilify and it may do some anxiety i want to use one antidepresant.which antidepressant is effective for anxiety and health friendly.

I think Moclobemide is effective to treat anxiety. It is not approved in USA though. Has anyone from Canada, UK, Australia use this meds before?

I am from the uk. Had never heard of moclobimide until now. Looked it up - interesting. I take gabapentin for anxiety.

Ssri’s or snri’s tend to pull double duty on depression and anxiety. Of course, meds are highly individual, so have that discussion with your doctor.


Abilify is actually both an antidepressant and antipsychotic. I take sertraline for anxiety and it works really good, but it depends primarily on the person’s chemistry.

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Propranolol worked well when I first started using it but now I’m having problems w akathisia again.

seroxat has made me fearless

Its not an antidepressant but neurotin helps with my anxiety and worry

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Seroxat is set to overtake Prozac as the world’s favourite antidepressant. With 100m prescriptions in more than 100 countries, it is aggressively marketed as the addiction-free answer to our anxieties.

im on amitriptyline, it helps with both anxiety and depression. i’m on 50mgs now but the pdoc wants me to get a higher dose of it around 75 to 100mgs/

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Well I know my friend tried Cymbalta and didn’t find it effective but I don’t think people prone to psychosis are supposed to be prescribed SNRI’s. (She doesn’t have a psychotic disorder just anxiety)

I’m on Zoloft right now and my anxiety has been better lately I think. But that may be placebo because I’ve only been on it two weeks. My depression is not any better :frowning: Lexapro was terrible for me and I had to quit because side effects.

To be honest there’s not one anti-depressant/anxiety med that works best for everyone. It very much depends on the person and you have to experiment even though it takes forever and is unpleasant.

I’ve never heard of it being used as an antidepressant, that’s interesting. I think it’s intriguing that so many medications can treat many issues at the same time. Now if they could just reduce the side effects!

I had anxiety issues with abilify, in the end switching to zyprexa worked for me. Has a nice calming effect.

Moclobemide is not suitable for schizophrenics. Please do not try it. Sorry i gave misinformation to you guys.

Have you tried TMG?

I use lexapro. When I initially started taking it it worked on anxiety almost immediately. Now I have had abilify added to my mix and my anxiety is back so I wonder if my lexapro should be increased?

Also a big fan of lexepro for depression with abilify.

i take pregablin for anxiety and anxiety pain

It’s not just used as one, it is actually classified as one and also an antipsychotic.

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