Where were you on 9-11-2001, 15 years ago

Where were you when the 9-11 event happened in Sept 2001? I was in my auto under one bridge in Miami. It has been a long journey from there to where I am currently.

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6th grade math class…called to the gym over the loudspeakers, the vice principal announced what happened and i hushed…then a girl said “SO???” really loudly. i bet she feels guilty to this day.

I was at my grandma’s house, at first I thought all the tvs were playing the same movie, then I realized it was true. Very scary.

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I guess it was a pretty internationally shocking event

Sometimes I consider us Americans the only one afflicted by 9-11

but when I look at this


it changes my mind


nothing in recorded history is worse than the Holocaust though

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I was on the shop floor at my shipping company…

The next day after we found out the death toll, our Supervisor gave a stirring speech about how we were all going to stand shoulder to shoulder with our American neighbours, some of whom were MURDERED by cowardly bastards.

Then 70 of us bowed our heads in a minute of silence.


I was in my ninth grade Spanish class. We were watching the news.

Neighbors are usually next to each other, no? You’re above us? So therefore you’re stomping your feet and making loud banging noises while we’re trying to sleep. Even though it’s probably the other way around in reality :smile:

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I saw the second tower in smoke from Lyndhurst nj. Was waking up with cold sweats a few nights…

@huckfinn i could see the smoke from the towers from the beach in my town too

It stunk for weeks bro. Sad time

The chemicals is what I meant… I hope I didn’t come off too morbid.

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In a behavior disorder school, working as a teacher. We had the t.v. on, then it happened. Don’t know why we had the t.v. on,
we never usually did.

watching tv at mums
saw the second plane hit, live

Watched it on the news at home . But I worked at the airport as a waitress at that time. Then security changed fast. No more family members behind the check-in to see you off.

Then I started researching Saudi Arabia and Osama bin laden. Then a couple of years later the war, 2nd war in Iraq started.

After the 9-11 event the streets of Miami Beach were empty because airplanes did not fly and did not bring tourists to Miami, it was like a ghost town. Well I always parked my auto in my regular parking lot and walked around as I usually did.

I was driving to work and heard it on the radio. When I got to work, we all watched the TV. Can’t believe it was 15 years ago

i was in 8th grade health class. they announced that all tvs were told the they be not turned on. no phone calls in or out. i didn’t hear about the attacks till the ride home on the bus.

I forget many of you were in Elementary School when 911 occurred. I was 35 years old…seems like it happened last week to me.

My dad picked me up from school and it was on the radio. I didn’t understand the whole thing but his face was serious and we knew something big has happened. Seriously it started slowly but the world inevitably changed from that point.

I was renting a room in this dudes house. It was my day off from work and I slept in. When I got up, I started to walk to the kitchen. I passed by my landlord who was watching TV.

He said, “Nick, you got to see what’s on the news”.
I hadn’t seen the TV screen but I said jokingly, 'What is it? Is it World War Three"?

He replied, “Yes, it just might be”.

I went back and saw on the TV images of terrified people fleeing down the street with an immense, billowing cloud of dust right behind them.
The rest is history…