Where were you on 9-11-2001, 15 years ago

Maybe not, but there are plenty of things just as bad. Joseph Stalin killed millions of Russians, the policies of the communist party in China caused massive famine that killed tens of millions of Chinese, and millions of Chinese were killed during the cultural revolution, the Japanese killed ten million in their rampage through the orient, Pol Pot killed a million Cambodians, the Chinese killed a million Tibetans, and the Turks killed a million Armenians.

In Sept 2001 I had just come to the assisted living center where I have lived ever since. I was really bummed out because I was on Prolixin. I couldn’t feel any emotion because of that awful drug. I remember hearing a newscaster speaking in a low, cryptic voice, and I wondered if something bad had happened. I remember seeing cars lined up at gas stations because people thought we were going to have an energy shortage.

I was working in a library putting up shelves. A colleagues girlfriend phoned to say what had happened. We logged into a computer just before the second plain hit. That was my JFK moment.

at home,
I watched the whole thing I was 9 or 10 years old.
I still have the images in my brain have had a few flash backs to sitting there watching it.
I still think it is the worst thing of recent history that they aired on TV.
I was suppose to be watching cartoons that morning.

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I woke up to the news that it had happened. I was 19 or so. I was in complete shock

I was at university. Nobody said much for a strange reason and I was stunned. People must have thought talking about it would feed into the hysteria.

Maybe because we weren’t in USA? Was really weird.

I was living in Japan. My sister-in-law called us and woke us up. It was in the middle of the night. We saw the second plane hit live. It was unreal.

I was in 6th grade social studies and the teacher turned on the news. I remember asking what the towers were, I had no idea what the world trade centers were.

Working at a Dot Com. We had three guys from NY in our office as they were looking to buy our company. We were watching vids of the WTC coming down on our computers at work and two of the three guys were crying. My daughter wasn’t even 2 weeks old at that point and my wife and I were wondering what kind of world we had brought a child into.

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I was on vacation with my mom and siblings. I was too young to understand it at the time and no one would explain anything to me, so I went down to the lobby to play some of the arcade games there. I don’t think I fully understood it until a few weeks later… well, I guess I still don’t “understand” it, I never will.

15 years ago today I was in the hospital @ Harvard McLean. Had just had my first psychotic break at the age of 24 and was trying to make sense of my surroundings. I woke up,stumbled into the day room and saw the towers burning on tv. It was a terrifying experience during psychosis and rife with material to fuel my delusions. 9-11 not only marks the day the towers came down but also signifies the time my life was changed forever. Every September I get that eerie feeling of paranoia and especially if it’s blue skies and sunny with a little chill in the air like it was that day. Rest in peace to all the brave souls that were lost during this terrible attack.

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i was with a friend buying a telly, in the tv shop there were pictures, but no sound so i thought it was a movie as i wasnt really paying much attention all i could think was normally the sound is on in a tv shop. when i got home i put the tea on for the kids as it was nearly time for them to come home and i put the telly on, i was devastated i kept flicking the channels i just hugged the kids when they came home i burnt the tea!!

i live in UK

so me and my eldest son went to NY in February 2014 and paid our respects at the North and South pool.

they were just finishing off the museum and building a new trade centre.

i was just watching the 15th anniversary service on the telly and Hilary clinton got so overwhelmed she had to leave the service.

got an email today from a musician (sort of) friend,

and it was all about on 9-11 Angels Flew.

Would you stop that stuff! This was one of the worst events in our history.
There is no God or holiness associated with it,

those responders did what they had to do, same our police do every day.
Just be thankful, but don’t give us this line about good will.

l was at home getting ready for work. I was watching it on tv.

I was in preschool and it got cancelled that day

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i was in the garage working with my dad when i heard and then we put it on the radio and it was very surreal, i remember i was not that well at that point but i hadnt had my first break or been diagnosed yet,

i was listening to songs of praise today and they were discussing it and other attacks that have taken place,

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After leaving job interview (i wasnt schiz back then) i went to friends house and remember seeing it on tv it was unreal, and when the first tower fell i thought to myself are there ppl still in there?

I hope this doesn’t come across as self centered. But it’s sad to me that I wasn’t able to be a part of the recovery/relief effort that took place after. In fact I don’t even feel patriotic now about it ,(I live in New Jersey only 45 minutes away). At a time when the country was grieving and people were banding together to show their support I wasn’t much good to anybody(shuffling around in a psych ward with a pair of bumpy socks on) :frowning:

I was a one year old. I always hear from the adults how shocked they were. From what I heard it seems as though the entire world stopped when it happened. The closest thing I’ve experienced to this was when the bombings in Paris were all over the television.

I was sleeping. In my dream I stood on a big green lawn with white lines. There was a large building behind me. Suddenly a huge plane silently passed above my head and crashed into the building. I heared a thousand voices scream at the same time and then it was so quiet and I became cold.

I woke up and turned on the tv and saw the second plane. Freaked me out completely.