Where is the research on Schizoaffective Disorder

how come they can’t come up with better meds for this crappy disease by now? Is it me or does it feel like they have better treatments out there but they just aren’t making them available because the pharmaceutical industry has its own agenda? Like are we really gonna have to wait ten to twenty more years for the next generation of atypicals to come out? Weight gain flat affect sexual side effects and movement problems make these meds intolerable.
I see all the research that’s been done some dating back ten years and what do we have now? Nothing
Smh because I think we all could have a better quality of life if they were to come out of the closet with one of these experimental meds that have been in clinical trials now for who knows how long.
Can’t wait to kick this latuda to the curb

I’m waiting for all human life to be converted to pure energy able to travel interdimensionally…with no prob…advances in our tech will be our salvation…look at the growth rates comparatively…the pharma companies are stuck in the Stone age moving at a snot ball in hells pace…while technology is advancing leaps and bounds as fast as we can make it…I think our tech will find a cure well before our pharma companies…


First they have to come up with a drug that works think of all the possible combinations. Then they have to do trials they start on animals and work their way up to human testing. The fda has a whole system for it and sometimes the drugs fail the one of the earlier tests so they have to stop it. The whole process costs a lot of time and money. They have incentive because they make us pay so much though. Also working a an organ as complex as the brain is tough.

Well I really appreciate your optimism and I sure hope you’re right. But even if the cure ultimately comes from tech how long do you think we would have to wait until they implemented it into practice( like after all the safety tests long term side effects vs short term etc etc). I mean don’t they have to go through the FDA regardless?
I’m just so tired of reading all these articles on the research that advances every day and they still can’t make a decent drug that targets psychosis without all the excess bs.
First drinks on me if they find a cure for this ■■■■ someday

Good point, I forgot about the animal testing and the different phases of the FDA. Some days I think that it should be easy to find a cure or a better drug. And other days I think it would be almost impossible.

They are shooting in the dark. They don’t know what causes brain diseases, so they make some pill that affects neuro transmitters, and then see if that happens to help in anyway, no actual theory as to why. Read it on every drug site, “we don’t know how it works, but it is thought it’s related to dopamine”

On another note, dying is a disease of the brain, they haven’t come out with a cure for that, why do u expect something different for sza.

One day we will have a computer who has the whole human knowledge…as its base…it will instantaneously become the smartest being ever…and only become smarter from there…if that ■■■■■■■ doesn’t fix us I quit…

I don’t follow it closely but it seems to me that it must be hard to make much money off Sz/Sza patients. We’re not known for having a lot of money … and the pharmaceutical companies have to sell ap medicines as treatments for other things like depression or bi-polar to make any money with them. Is this a misperception of mine?

I don’t know man. It seems like there’s an aweful lot of people working on it. Not just in the USA but all over the world in various laboratories with different standards. In some countries they even experiment on actual people like in China I read. They’ve also had this so called glutamate hypothesis now since like 1987 and were just now starting to see drugs in clinical trials that target glutamate so wtf?
Dying is not necessarily a disease of the brain but I think I get your point. If the whole synaptic pruning process theory is correct then we’re basically all ■■■■■■ anyway.

Good point! Or they have it already and we don’t even know about it yet. It’s classified lol

Based upon what I’ve read I think that makes sense. But atypical sales account for a large percentage of the market and they’re like the 3rd most widely prescribed drugs. Maybe that’s why they don’t want to “fix us”. But yea we may not have a lot of money this is true. But given the level of suffering we experience every day you would think it would be a top government priority to find better treatments for these disorders!

The pharma companies don’t want to cure only treat symptoms…how would they keep making money…and that’s what its all about…for now…change is coming…maybe after the change their story will change but for now my bets on self aware comp mapping out the entire human brain and creating a harmonic chamber that can rewrite or correct what’s wrong with our brains…ah this is a mess dam sleeping pills…

Can you imagine how much business they would lose if all of the sudden schizophrenia was curable. What would our doctors do? They would all have to take their own meds to cope!


and muhfuckers keep throwing out long acting injections of the same meds and calling it progress. really i need help here…where are my good drugs?

The medications are ALMOST as bad as the illness.
It’s deplorable that they expect people to live and function on this ■■■■. Give us a medication with no side effects please!

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Here is a collection of meds I compiled based on google searches, I only wrote down meds from phase 1b and later bcoz phase 1 meds are gonna take too long to come out. You can search the individual meds and see whether they will help you if you wanna. Here is the list:

Lu AF35700 phase 3a

Min-101 phase 2b completed

HTL9936 phase 1b completed

Oms-824 phase 2a completed

Iti-007 phase 3b data last quart '16

Avn-211 phase 2b completed

Avp-786 phase 2a

BI 409306 phase 2

Nw-3509 phase 2a

Rp5063 phase 2b completed

Tak-063 phase 2

Tgof02n phase 2

Rapastinel phase 2b completed

Thanks for the list. I’m gonna look into some of these tonight. Any particular one or ones that you’ve got your eye on? I’ve heard good things about Iti-007 but don’t know how long it will be till it hits the market.