Where is God when we need him most

Today I have been alone and able to think to myself, and I have been thinking about my God. I have been Christian my whole life and followed someone who I have not seen or heard from EVER, and still I do it. It really hurts because my life is so messed up right now and when I need help the most… it is nowhere to be found. I have been alone from the beginning, no one has guided me up till this point, all decision I have made have been mine, all the advice I have gone by have been from my personal experience. Praying has seemed pointless, I really do not want to give up on God but I still keep asking myself the question, where is he in this time of need.

I hope things work out good for you. Things change for the better.

God is right there where you left them/him.


Have you ever heard the saying, “Pray as if everything depended on God. Act as if everything depended on you.” This is especially true in this country (do you live in the US?). Unfortunately, God is not much present in this country–in the government, in the churches, and in society in general, so you really have to hustle for yourself, and endure times of trial. I hope things get better for you, and I hope you are eventually able to find some support, at least in the form of good friends.


sorry, he is sharing my crayons on my sz rainbow we are creating a butterfly…
take care


God has provided you with a good example to follow. Without that your life would be miserable. Good values and morals will give you a good life. God has brought the people into your life to give you the experience you needed to become the person you are and make the decisions you are making. Sometimes God sends you a bad situation to avoid something worse. Your car might not start because if it did you would have had an accident that day. What you are going through may be the best option. Or it will help you grow as a person. I always wanted to help people but had never been able to really help until I had been through the last five years that have been horrible for me. Now I can tell people what resources are available for special needs children, where you can get free counselling, resources for people with schizophrenia, places where abused women can go in a crisis. I have been able to help, finally and the joy from that outweighs the hell I went through. It was worth it. It has lead me to taking up a job as an outreach worker. It will be wonderful!


I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time. Four years ago I was in a state hospital after receiving charges for trying to take a gun from an officer. I was psychotic and severely depressed. The hospital was not a nice place to be. I was in a really low place in my life. So I chanted for better things. I’m a Buddhist and we chant the Lotus Sutra. I went through a grueling year of horrible psychosis and going to court but kept chanting. I was sentenced with Pre-Trial Intervention which is a level below probation and I can have my record wiped clean in the end if I don’t get in any trouble.

I just recently finished PTI and can apply to have my record expunged in September, I’m a Junior with a GPA of 3.96, I have an incredible mom who fought like hell for me and is my best friend, an amazing and supportive boyfriend, and I’m getting a new car.

It’s been hell after my schizophrenia diagnosis but I kept my faith and kept chanting. My point is you never know God’s timing for things. I now have more blessings than I can count. @zengarden is right, you don’t know God’s reasons for things. Keep the faith and keep pluging along. :sunny:

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leave God or otherwise you will be disappointed, I don’t say that God does not exist but he is not like what religions say. we assume that God must help us but maybe this is not true and he has left us to survive by ourselves and so on… so temporarily leave playing with the concept of God and concentrate on gaining your health again cause as you know it’s possible now and after that play with the concept of God how much you want.

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The God is everywhere as you see the world. I remember how it was back in Dec 1999 in Atlanta. My former US woman had left and heard voices that they, my former US spouse and her family, would come on the Christmas day to the house where I lived. And this indeed happened, they arrived and tried to come to the house to take some items, but I did not let them in. I believe it was the God who told in advance all this. Just believe in the God and it helps.

Keep having faith that God is there. The lord is on his throne right now. There is a reason for everything.

I believe in the Great White Lodge. It is the union between all religions in the world. There is a book written about this.

He is never around when we need him because the creation is doing exactly what he made it do, nothing at all happens that he didn’t make happen.

Kind of makes you wonder if he is crazy doesn’t it?

That is true, but God is active in individual lives. I know some people endure this lack of response from God and I have at times but they are temporary. God always shows up in various ways and sometimes with very powerful signs or messages.

A lot has to do with faith…some people pray as if it were something taught and sort of habit but have doubts about the reality that God can actually do anything. The key is praying in faith believing, even to the point of willing it to be…KNOWING you are going to get an answer… at times we need to take personal action, other times god can and will act to bring something our way and put it right in front of us.

This isn’t everyone’s experience. It certainly hasn’t been mine. And I don’t think it’s from a lack of faith. Some people are simply tested more than others. It’s hurtful to be told that it’s your lack of faith that causes bad things to happen in your life. And I don’t think it’s true.

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This might help. Just embrace gods love.

Sometimes when we pray we don’t get an answer, but things that happen are a sign that He heard us…I pay close attention to things that happen around me in response to my prayers…one time I prayed my mom a house…I prayed a lot one week, and then her trailer house she was living in got blown in by a “downburst” of air, opposite of a tornado but it gave her enough insurance money that I was able to design her a new house…things like that…be aware !! (God hears your prayers.)

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Oh, I meant sometimes its that, not with everyone. Didn’t mean to imply it is always lack of faith. Some people have great faith and like you said, are tested.
I know what you mean about having people say its lack of faith entirely. I have heard that before, especially from the prosperity gospel and name it-claim it type churches. they have said it is always lack of faith or some sort of sin in a person life which stops prayer from being answered.
That cannot be the case…Job was tested greatly and his book says he had great faith and followed God.
I meant in my own experiences I have endured lack of response…(as well as lots of testing) but at some point there is a breakthrough. Others seem to have the lack of response and testing all the time.
But at the same time there are people who doubt God and only pray out of habit…didn’t mean you were doing that at all…I was referring more to the groups you mentioned…I have even heard of churches where the pastor doesn’t even really believe in Gods existence but does it as a job only.

There are a few examples here

Oh my…there is even a website for such things now…for clergy who do not believe…

Your a amazing human being love to you

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I too believe in God doing everything for reason… but I also believe some people have already been condemned, or lost. Someone I keep thinking about is Judas, Do you think Judas went to Heaven… no one can tell, but Judas was called the “the Son of perdition” told to betray Jesus by Jesus himself. He may have been a sacrifice… I believe there are destined sacrifices who God will turn their back on.

’ Frightening ’

Actually I don’t personally think God intends people as a ‘sacrifice’ like that and turns his back on them. I think Gods foreknowledge sees that a person will continually reject him and/or betray him so it can be predicted. When Jesus told Judas to do go and do what he did, sell him out, Jesus already knew…
Jesus said to everyone, “One of you will betray me…” and he indicates Judas, and when Judas asked “Is it I?” Jesus said “You said it…” It was still Judas choice to do it.

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