Where do you think, is the best place to live, for someone with schizophrenia?

People keep helping stalkers lie about me, and make me homeless.

Alone on the moon


I was comparing where I lived to some of the other places. With 12 other people. One was from Florida. One was from California. One was from New York. One was from Texas. And so on. At the end of the talk. I turned and said to them. It must be here because we’re all here at The Salvation Army trying to get food. They laughed and went on their way.


It doesn’t matter where you live as your delusions will follow you. You need to get them treated.


I would like to live in a bungalow with a porch and a rocking chair where you can sit outside in the evening and hear the sounds of the forest and I would have a log fire and someone would deliver my groceries. I would have a dog and two cats


I suffer from the same thoughts. Do you have a social worker who can work with your landlord to assure you that you won’t become homeless?

It helps to find an apartment building with good security. Good doors are important too. Don’t live too close to a stairwell. Two people tried to break into my previous apartment (a real hell hole), on Christmas eve, while I was in the frigging unit! :smile: They took off down the stairwell as soon as I yelled, “What the f@%?!” I shouldn’t have even moved into that unit, because the frame looked damaged as if someone had broken into the unit before.

If you’re really worried, ask if the landlord if someone could put an extra lock on the inside of your door, so you can feel safer when you’re alone inside.

I really lucked out with my current apartment. I live near a drugstore and a grocery store, in a decent area. I have insurance that I pay monthly incase anyone does break in, so my stuff will be covered. I rarely go out too early or after dark.

It helps me feel better to go out at random times when I run errands, just incase the smokers out front are keeping tabs on when I come and go (there’s a real story behind that, but I don’t want to trigger people, so I won’t discuss).


I second that. Thats why when i bought my council flat - i had steel doors fitted - with a keysafe outside for the nurse. Mostly based on paranoia - but when your as schiz as i can be - you wanna feel safe in your home.