Can a schizophrenic

Can a schizophrenic live alone in its own house or apartment safely?


there is different degrees of sz, mild cases, to serious cases on the spectrum.


Unmedicated i cant live in a house long term especially with others



I don’t know if I’m able to live by myself in the future.
Might get roommates but they have to be screened thoroughly.


Maybe just find a apartment with nice neighbours and make friends just to keep mind safe on conversation. I dont like to have roommates.


I get really paranoid living by myself.
Maybe I’ll get used to it, I don’t know.


This is a problem, i got to sort this out for the future.



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I really want to live by my self but I’m already an anxious person and am scared I may harm myself when living alone to cope with life


I’d rather bottle one.

But seriously, I lived in a nice studio with my cat for 7 years. The trouble
started within two weeks.

The lady who lived below me always sounded like she was moving furniture around. It was annoying and unfortunately I took it personal and thought she was doing it to bug me. I couldn’t hear her walking around and rarely could I hear her talking. But those goddam mysterious thumps and bumps drove me crazy.

Undoubtedly some of it was my imagination but it happen enough to really piss me off and I used to stomp on my floor. She complained to management.

Now the thing was, that it was a big complex and I knew not everybody liked me but some of them did like me. I was on really good terms with the sweet old lady two doors down. We exchanged cards and gifts on holidays. There was a language barrier; she didn’t speak any English but somehow we communicated for 7 years.

I was in my forties and I also was friends with the guy down the hall who was my age. I was on good terms with several other people. But bad terms with others.

But problems with neighbors aside, it was cool living alone sometimes, in fact, a lot of times. There was a supermarket across the street and. a Rite-Aid and those both suited my needs for shopping.

IDK, living alone was horrible sometimes. I tended to isolate. But I took care of myself pretty good. I managed my own money and took care of my car and kept my studio clean. I took my cat to the vet when needed and went to all my doctors appointments.

I mean I’m schizophrenic and sometimes symptoms hindered me in what I wanted to do. But despite that I handled anything that came up. It was just problems with the lady downstairs and a few other people. Eventually it got too bad and I moved out after seven years.

I made a lot of mistakes but my sister tried to help me and she would tell me I was imagining things. But she also often told me that I was doing a lot of things right. I don’t know how I lasted 7 years. I have my doubts that now at age 60 I could do it again.Who knows?


I live alone. I think I rather like it. Sometimes a guy just don’t wanna wear pants.


Ill keep note, your experience.

Well, i dont have any problem with little noise at my place when people walking or talking, im lucky enough that the lady next door dont complain when i watch t.v at night.


Stable on the right meds I am ok living on my own. I used to be anxious all on my own, but somehow it settled along the way. Got a cat to keep me company, and put a door chain on my front door, both which seems to have helped with anxiety, loneliness and paranoia. It’s been allright lately.


Short answer yes. Ive been doing it for 8 years. The trick is knowing when to ask for help.

With online deliverys and billing available - i dont often leave the flat. And knowing my cleaning is terrible - i hired a cleaner.

You can be independant and be ill .


I own a manufactured home (a trailer). I’ve lived in it for 20+ years. My sister lives with me now.


i can’t live alone… i need help from my parents for most things. I also don’t want to go live by myself… i like it with my parents.


I have been living alone for about 20 years now. As someone else on this thread said, it’s knowing when to ask for help.

I have finally learned to swallow my pride when I need to, but try to do everything else on my own


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