I have no desire to live in my new place

I much prefer living in my parents house then in my new supportive living house.
The new place is dusty, dark and located in a busy bustling town with lots of traffic and cramped parking.
A good place for “normal” yuppies and families to live but a bit too hectic and busy for a reserved schizophrenic like me to deal with.
Plus now that I’ve gotten to know my room mates more they arent even a bit social.
They spend the majority of the time in their rooms or out of the house.
They are basically antisocial and prefer to keep to themselves.
I have been spending most of my time at my parents house.
At least there I make myself useful and help my disabled mother out.
Plus the town where my parents live is a lot more quiet and less congested.
Making it easier for me to get around without getting too overwhelmed.

At least now you know.
I’d bet your mom would also prefer you to be around more. Your a good man in my book for helping out your aging parents.


Yeah at least now I know, that’s true.
Thanks @Csummers :slight_smile:


There are no winners in the world of sz, it’s such a drag. Sorry that u r unhappy


Can you transfer/move to a group home in the country side or village close to your parents instead of in a busy city?

Explain that suits you better in your opinion.

You could perhaps talk to your Dr about it.

Can you try to make your room more cozy by dusting it and buying or bringing along a cozy light that you :heart:️ love?

Can you become a carer for your parents?

If they need help you can in some countries get paid a small amount of money to help them .
It is not much money what I have heard but it is enough to count as a job even if they approve and are pleased.

Otherwise you could cook for them sometimes maybe or visit often.

Good wishes to your living.


Hi @SacredNeigh7
It’s not so much the area as it is the social isolation.
Living there on a regular basis would be like living in a Monastery.
Complete isolation is not good especially for us schizophrenics.
I am concerned that I would get worse.
The house itself is located on a quiet side street but the main strip is congested most of the time.

aw I thought you were looking forward for that. You even bought new furniture? =(
Are you going to move back ?

I might use the new place as a Sanctuary.
Going there when I need some time to unwind or when I’m feeling very symptomatic.
Or I might go there at times during the day.
I’ll make it work somehow.
The contract is only for 1 year.
I’ll manage.
Thanks @MissMermaid.


It sounds like you have a good plan. Using it as a sanctuary seems like a great idea. Best of both worlds.

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Thanks @animalmineral
I think that I will use the place in this way.