Where do you sit when you write on the forum

I sit always legs crossed on the floor and the laptop is in the front of me.

I also sleep on the floor on my mattress, I am a kind of ‘japanese’ or something :smiley:

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Basically I sit in the joga position always.

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I sit in a big, dilapidated chair. I think it is bad for my back, but it is comfortable.

I’m in the sofa or bed using my smartphone. My laptop is broken.

Sit on my bed. I do not own a couch yet.

Oddly enough, I sit on the counter in the kitchen. It has a corner that I am fond of. The kitchen is my domain.

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sit in my desk chair…at my desk.

@mjseu Ditto except my legs aren’t crossed.

Either in my chair, standing behind my chair, or in someway while using my iPod

I’m in my phone most of the time. So it’s pretty much everywhere I go I stay connected.

On my iPad at school

my posture is very bad so i could not sit like that, i’ll probably be a cripple when i get older lol but i usually lie on my couch with a cover over me on the laptop and sometimes i will take it into my bed.

Me too…

I’m on the computer at home. I sit at the desk in front of the window so I can see out and remember to get up and walk around.

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I light up a cigar and light some candles and get in the tub, with music of course.

It makes for some great surfing.

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I sit in the lounge/dining room at the dining table, with my laptop in front of me. I could also post on my Blackberry, but this website is unable to come up on my phone.

My bed, which is pushed into my closet :smiley: