Does anyone use a laptop on the bed or reclining chair?

Not everything on a website works on my smartphone which I use on the bed or chair. My laptop is on my kitchen table functioning as a desktop computer. With my hip problems I can’t manage the laptop on the bed or chair. Does anyone do this?

I always use mine on my lap. I have a bad hip, but it doesn’t interfere with having something on my lap most of the time.

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Thanks @anon4362788

I have bursitis in my hip per the rheumatologist, and not arthritis as previously diagnosed. She tactfully said I don’t have arthritis in her opinion. I thought that was nice not saying I was misdiagnosed.

I used a laptop a lot at university: on a table when studying and on a bed while chilling/watching something. I would not recommend using it on a bed cause a laptop can easily overheat and get damaged, unless you can spare it


Thanks for the advice. I didn’t know that about having it on the bed. I won’t try doing it anymore.

I mean if youre not doing something intensive on a laptop like gaming it should be fine like watching films

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I mostly use my laptop on my desk in my bedroom. But sometimes I use it in the sofa.

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