Where do you guys think voices (auditory hallucinations) come from

I know there all halluicenation, simple thought.

When I was delusional I had you know divergent stories of where they came from etc.

Lately I’ve um,
Been having a little theory of my own that both visual and auditory halluicenations
Are a distortion of sight and sound,
Visual like a blend of the normal colors/sights we see.
Auditory basically having like a misque of sound from the normal sound going on around us. Simple thought.

I have internal voices all the while,
And I’m coming to a conclusion yes they are produced/related to mind, but I’m thinking that they are more of a illusion.

Anyways, I’m interested to hear where you think your voices come from,
No wrong answer, just interested to see the different ways people calculate the cause of such.

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I think my voices are maybe some kinds of spirits tbh and same with the things I see. I feel like perhaps they are interdimensional beings


I used to think the people I saw were beings from another world coming to visit me.


Spirits, people and aliens


Past lives in my case.

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@noise @stellaglow

Yeah for the first year I thought it was a friend talking to me, then like the next 2 years I thought it was the devil,

But i don’t see it that way anymore.

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i always knew internal stuff was just a product of my mental illness, didnt stop them from being hugely bothersome though as they were so negative. the little external stuff i had, i always thought it was other people so i would either get confused by thinking a family member was calling me or scared thinking someone had broken into my house and was coming to kill me

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Yeah at one point in time I thought that too for like a week.

Were you symptomatic at the time? Like were you really ill? Reason I ask is I think I get these strange ideas from energy drinks or when I’m sick. Thanks.

Like I don’t know,

I’m symptomatic like 24/7 think it was insight.
I was definetly more out of it back then though.

Insight is like getting the picture of things back again,

So you just have the picture you have insight.

And then there’s like the struggle to interpret a painting
Trying to fix it etc

Idk may of explained it confusing but
Like I got insight
And once you have that it kind of just unwravels itself idk tho

Like a better understand of why and what .
You have the real grasp of it relating to reality.

I still need more insight on some of the things I’m going through

Yeah caffeine definetly causes my symptoms more,

But with all the supressent and sedative medication I’m on

It’s kind of the only thing I go to to be joyful.

I probably drink too much caffeine .

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Brain damage


heh heh

Either my broken brain, spirits/interdimensional beings, or a combination of the two.


I dont think halluc are from another world or from spirits. I think God made a world that doesnt leak.

Mmm…but i think halluc come from minds. Thoughts that float around that nobody wants to admit they are theirs. Maybe sz patients pic them up.

I had voice once…i was in a cowded bus and there were alot of thoughts floating around. And from the driver came a package of thought/mind…its sounded like someone is screaming with an eco of hell.

But i have had alot of visual halluc. Once from a scary movie. In a dark hallway. I guess i was stressed and thats why i started picing up thought packages.

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I don’t hear voices. But I believe they just come from the subconscious. I’m glad I don’t hear voices as I’m just about keeping my head above water as it is. Voices would probably push me under.

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If our minds are in a computer, they can come from anywhere.

I think there from a split mind that results in other personalities or consciousnesses being created with varying degrees of sophication. How this accomplished by 1 brain I do not know, but I think it shows that there’s a lot more going on under the surface than people know about.

I can see my own thoughts in theirs and their thoughts in mine. We’re all connected so it’s not telepathy or other beings in my mind

I think they are people/beings from other dimensions and parallel universes which are around us all the time but we have the ability to see/hear things from these dimensions. We are just attuned differently to other people which makes living in the 3D world of Earth quite difficult at times and we get labelled ‘mentally ill’.


Like @everhopeful I rarely experience voices but when I did they were in the air conditioning. It felt like other minds in other rooms but maybe it is like people speaking in dreams (they come from inside of our own minds).


I’d suspect it’s the same mechanism of the brain that provides personality to the characters in your dreams

How is it possible that even voice hearers have such varied opinions? You would think that at least we would agree! :roll_eyes:

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