Anyone know where voices come from?

ive had about 5 episodes of voices lasting weeks in the past 14 years

mine are a pre-programmed response but mostly they are over active cells located in the temples. these are the same cells that allow you to hear through your ears. problem is they tend to say negative things in a lot of cases simply because of stuff we’ve heard over the years and they come from subconscious memory so i’ve been told. my own personal take on it is that they are splinter personalities of the self. that’s what i think anyway.

fMRI imaging has shown that hallucinations and delusions come from the mesolimbic and mesocorticol areas of the brain.

All I can tell you is there is nothing magical or supernatural about them at least not mine. To me they are just lingering structured which grew while I was delusional and psychotic. Like a mental scar lingering from a time where my mind was very volatile stimulated and confused. I really believe it was my own thinking that got me into this mess. Paranoid thoughts and feelings about telepathy. I have memories loom up I can’t tell if they are false reconstructions but I believe I was struggling with this long before I had my first break. Marijuana is very powerful in terms of changing ones experience. That’s how my voices first formed. Smoking in isolation and silence my mind filled the void. I can still hear them right now.

in the netherlands research has shown that they come from both the temporal lobes and pre frontal cortex. temporal for hearing, pre frontal cortex for generating speech.