Where can I get an IQ test?

Where can I get an IQ test? Can your pdoc or psychiatrist refer you to one in the states? Sometimes I feel smarter than everybody around me, but most of the time I feel dumb. I need to put this to rest.


Is it worth the money though? I asked my psychologist once and he said it would cost over $100. It might be worth finding out. For me, I would probably be depressed finding out I’m much dumber than I think I am. Those online IQ tests, no matter how good, are not legitimate.

Maybe your insurance would cover it. Good luck.

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A real IQ test is an expensive affair. The administration takes a few hours. A highly trained professional needs to administer it, and while the scoring is done by a computer these days, it still needs to be interpreted by the same highly trained proffesional.

There are short versions, but they’re not very reliable.


I know the feeling! I used to get the ‘smarter’ bit more in the past. Maybe when I was more ‘manic’ . Now my mood is relatively stable though leaning a little to the depressive side.




First time I took this test I scored 109 or something. Since then, I’ve kind of got the hang of these types of puzzles and get higher scores. Is that considered cheating?

Scores often improve with repeated attempts . Ideally you should just do it once ,but it’s oh so tempting to see what a second or third attempt will bring.


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