Where are you at with yourself and life?

I speak for myself when I say the last 8 years of my life hasn’t been easy. But I’m thankful that I have made it to where i am.

When I first experienced issues I turned from my own understanding and instinct and reached to the world for the understanding and answers I needed. I really feel like this was my down fall and opened up too many doors and ignorant perspectives from shallow minds and cold hearts.

What rings true deep within you most the time is. If you’re the type of person that has to always feel accepted and understood and have your ideas and understanding validated in others then you are limiting your own happiness and amplifying your illness because you’re externalizing your own internal self outward.

What I’m getting at is keep yourself going at a healthy pace and stay organized but dont think that your life should be what everyone else tells you it should.


I am totally surprised I made it past 20 years old. I wasn’t a bad person and I started working right out of high school but I really didn’t have much else going for me after high school. Then I got sick at age 19. I figure everything after 21 years old is just a bonus and a miracle.

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Haha I feel what you’re saying. I’m 23 now, up until recently I felt like I was never gonna have even a shot at the life I want. Just now able to take the gloves off and beat some of the crap in my head. Best thing I ever did was start determining the sources of negativity in my life.

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