Do you ever feel like they're watching?

I feel it. I know it.

It’s a feeling like when someone is staring at you outside and you know it, you feel it somehow

“die, or quit your meds secretly, Devil is talking to you”

Short answer is NO. And if anyone was watching me in my home - they would have drain cleaner chucked in their face.

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Ha. Lmao.

My neighbors just told me yesterday I’m spending too much time in the back of my house.

I guess they figure something nefarious going on back there.

But I’m thankful they they’re looking out.

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Guys, I am panicking. My heart beats fast

I took a benzo and now I am stoned I can’t move or walk I can’t talk properly, I can’t think

Benzo still renders me stoned , and I am calmer but still feeling they’re watching

Voices usually say that my death would be the salvation of humanity. I need to die . Now with trumanomatrix, I need to die in order to escape this digital prison

Also i can’t stand upright without moving. I have no balance with this benzo

Yes. I am just a player in this simulation.

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Should I mention it to my therapist? She is willing to help and listen whenever I have a problem. But she is a psychoanalyst who interprets my unusual beliefs, she is not performing cognitive therapy so that she could give me some tactics and skills

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