II feel stuck in this crazy brain

I am so worried that a plane will crash into my house. I’m certain that it will happen. When I close my eyes i can see the destruction. Yes i will tell the pdoc when i see him in mid Sept. I am so tired of feeling pensive and immobilzed with this fear. I am just so tired of all this. It makes it so hard to make it through the day

It seems like you are just finding things to be fearful of. You are clinging to these things because of fear. Let go of that grip and breath. Imagine floating in a pool of air

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Thank you. I like the floating analogy. Tonight I will listen to some meditation

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I found recently that native American flute music is great to fall asleep to. I found one on YouTube that is mixed with steady rain.

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I will check it out. It sounds relaxing

When did you start feeling this? Was it after reading or hearing about that happening in Buffalo? I lived close to that accident.

The odds of that happening again are really low. My therapist told me to think about the number of times that happened in the history of aviation. Then to think on the number of homes there are in a country. It’s incredibly rare and you’d be more likely to win the lottery.

So relax and buy some lottery tickets!

That’s a good way to look at it…definitely getting that ticket lol

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