When you were psychotic did colors get more vivid?

Just wondering if it’s a me thing or a hallucination. It particularly happened when I saw a specific homeless man and smoked tobacco. Not to sponsor tobacco (or the homeless man) but it was strange, it felt like he was giving me his ability to see vivid colors, he was a Native American man. Not to perpetuate delusions but does this qualify as a hallucination? Has anyone ever experienced this? It was wild.

Schizophrenia alters my sensory perceptions.


When I was on seroquel colours seemed out of whack for a while.


Colour was not an issue but my pain perceptions were way worse

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When I was in psychosis blues and reds were more pronounced. I was seeing them everywhere.

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When I was at the hospital I would see psychadelic colors at night just outside my door. I’d go watch them. It was kind of cool.

No they become blurry then went away. I’m partial psychosis a bus ride test. Sigh

Yes I’ve seen stronger colors. Sometimes it felt like I was in heaven.

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Now rethinking it yes at one point they did. It was after my sleep pill overdose everything was more of some kind of colour or hue or something very weird. Like a TV that wasn’t showing screen colours properly

Not for me, but I’ve read (particularly in Surviving Schizophrenia) that colors being vivid is common in psychosis and in prodromal episodes.

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