When will i got the right medication for me

years since i begin treatment with ap
my big problem is with doctor
first doctor he always change manupilate dose
my problem is i should go to him every month or two
i left him
i spent with him +5years may be
now new doctor spent with him not more than 6 months
since i was with him i hv side effects
he also give the stupid med called fluvoxamine
i m now wonder when will i find the right doctor and the right medications


Unfortunately it’s a lot of trial and error finding the right medication.

I suffered for years before getting a really good doctor who put me on Loxapine and I’m finally stable.

Keep talking and working with your doctor. Try not to drink and avoid all street drugs like the plague.

Stay strong and don’t lose hope.



You have to accept that all antipsychotic comes with side effects, above is a research they did on side effects of medicine

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It took me several years and a different meds before finding one that mostly worked.

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There’s a DNA test you can take which will tell you how well you will metabolise different medications. I can’t for the life of me find the documentation I had, but it is worth asking your pdoc about.

I got it done, and they recommended another ap that I can try if my current one stops working for whatever reason.

It takes trial and error. I tried several meds before settling for a combination of Leponex (low dose) and Invega (high dose).


Sorry to hear. Same here, I had bad experience as well. I asked for help and got pain. I don’t ask for help anymore and receive therefore no pain. I find Mental illness is a path of trial and error as its different from individual to individual. Hope you find your way to recovery and wellbeing.

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Unfortunately, there’s no given timetable of when you’ll find the right med(s), if ever. 25 years with this disease, and we’re still adjusting and tweaking. It’s almost like my brain evolves with the meds. It’s exhausting.

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