When will I crash?

I tapered off of Seroquel a few months ago slowly, and have been completely off for a month. I’ve also tapered down my Latuda.

I feel like I should be doing bad, but honestly I’m not. I sleep less, I eat less, I do more.
I feel happy and stable, and I haven’t had psychosis for over a month either.

I’m worried it’s just a honeymoon phase, but when will that happen?
I’m starting a new antipsychotic in a week, don’t know which one yet, but I fear it will make me sluggish and fat and emotionless and frankly I’d rather be without, but that’s not an option.

Am I going completely off my rocker and just not noticing?
Of course I have up days and down days still, but…

When will I crash?

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That’s pretty much all it is.

It could be a while. It took 6 months for me to begin to experience symptoms after stopping Invega. But they almost always come back. Sometimes hard and unexpected.

I just started Aristada and like how it makes me feel. Clear headed and like myself before the breakdown and Invega. Maybe you can talk to a doctor about that med to see if it works for you.

It looks promising, but I can’t afford injections

I crashed after over a year ended in mental hospital.

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