I’m having a crap day

The medicine change is starting to take its toll.
I feel dissociative and sad and unmotivated.
Food tastes worse than it usually does.

I just want to cry.
I need a hug.


Oh no hope you start feeling better, what medicine did you change to.

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I’m changing from Invega to Latuda

I’m sorry. Getting used to be meds sucks. I hope the lid of interest is temporary.

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Whats the reason they changing, I noticed side effects are worst with most antipsychotics in the first two weeks

My prolactin got too high and they said it had less side effects

I hope you feel better soon @Pikasaur (hugs)

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well theres plenty of antipsychotics that dont raise prolactin so if this doesnt work you can switch to one of those.

@Pikasaur sending you :hugs:

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Sorry you’re having a rough day nova.

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Sending you hugs. :hugs:

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