Friday Night Party!


Back in the day, would be at a party by now. Now I debating going and working in my workshop lol,

Whats everyone else up to? When was your last party?


I guess I went to a Halloween party not last Halloween but the Halloween before. I would go to the nami holiday part but it’s kinda far away.


Probably 1999. I partied like it was 1999 in 1999.


I really can’t remember the last party I was at , was so long ago


Not up to much. I’m staying home from work, I hope. Physically sick right now. I ran out of cigs a couple hours ago, and I’m trying not to buy more, trying to at least get through the night without smoking.

My last party was New Year’s Eve three years ago. I had a miserable time, ended up leaving not long before midnight, because I just couldn’t take anymore.


Made supper
Watched hockey
Baked a cake
Going to see if i can fall asleep early
Watch Netflix on my laptop in bed
Cry myself to sleep because I want real food
Lol I won’t really cry but I’ll be pissed off


Yeah, I can eat but the fridge is on empty, need to get groceries tomorrow


my last party…10 years ago at Kristen’s place. we started dating shortly afterwards. we played beer pong and I walked home. I’ve done a lot of solo drinking since then. what can I say im a party by myself. sober tonight though.

im not doing nothing btw. waiting to fall asleep. I drank an extra coffee and its keeping me up


Oof, I can’t even remember! I’m more likely to be found with a book and a cup of tea these days!


probably 2 years ago? : - ) or a lil less


If you consider Thanksgiving a party it was yesterday. But it’s 9 pm and I am ready for bed. My wife is bitching about it being Friday night and wants me to stay up with her.

I used to party until the bars closed down but no more.


There’s a party in my pants.

Right now.



I don’t really remember my last party. All the recklessness of my younger days, filtered through all the alcohol and other substances, is kind of a blur. I remember it was all a real hoot though.


My last party was before my daughter was born in 1997


seems most of us partied in the 90"s


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