When the cards are down, we'll all wear a frown

Where are the founding fathers of our modern age?

We really are trapped in the machine now. The greater human organism. Not just the larger human body in which we are just cells, but including our infrastructure and machines and culture. The metaman as it has been called. It has a life of its own and we are all its slaves. It doesn’t care for us as individuals, it will carry on regardless of anyone’s death.

Inside this system is a wide range of human conditions. From the most tribal to the most “civilized.” People are bombed and beheaded. Other’s win the lottery and buy million dollar automobiles.

It’s a mess.

The worst thing is that you have to accept it. You will be told it’s all a product of human nature. These people don’t seek to be enlightened. There is no beckoning wave of transcendence.

I’m so terribly disappointed by the state of things that I pain inside when trying to deal with anyone or to do anything.

I can’t find one like minded person in real life to spend my time with. Perhaps that’s why I’m ranting here. Need to vent.

“As if there were only one human nature.”

I can see what is in control here, it goes beyond general consensus. People are born into an ideology and merely see it through., only to produce more people who are born to that same ideology. While the ideology does vary from family to family or from town to town, very few people take the time to think it all through for themselves. Once they do they just wind up feeling alone and disappointed or even agitated by the nature of this place.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of willful ignorance. Copying what I have deemed to be the most functional state of mind and pretending that’s the only way I think. It’s tiresome though to come home at the end of every day just to have my discontentment reveal itself in some post-processing sort of way.

All the while I’m the one wound up being schizo. The sheeple who were about me all moved on to to the next stages of life. I’m stuck hearing voices that do all they can to bother me.

The metaman wants slaves, not free people. Be here at this time, do this, think this way, ostracize those that don’t. “AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA.” Be a proud patriot and find a job, you don’t have to worry about any else. Would you like some more bacon?

I’m just about done hearing voices. There doesn’t seem to be any more material left. I feel I’ll wind up with a girlfriend soon enough and that will do a lot to rid me of stress. It’ll get me out of the complex state of insecure pursuit. The uncertainty of what the interactions mean and where they might lead. Uncertainty in the nature of my voices and how accurately they might line up with whatever reality is.

From there I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it should be a better platform for moving forward.

Sex, drugs, tv, everything its all a waste of time. It’s all about the love, where is the love?

Haven’t you heard? Love is just an another ideology. The worst one.
The real word is excitement addiction :expressionless:

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Some people are afraid of the brave new world… holding on to the ignorance helps them from falling apart at the seams.

As far as the love… I’m much more of an optimist… I find it in simple kindnesses and in my own way. I don’t judge by anything but my own happiness.

the way ANY media portrays love… or how stupid magazines talking about “10 things to let you know if your with the right person” and all that garbage are all wrong…

It’s individual… since we’re trying to destroy the individual… it gets harder to find.
But it’s out there.

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Nah. It goes beyond that. I call it love. It’s a unique sensation.

Yes I agree, and I think that all of us who just love buying new things like electronics and cars (and whatever else the Joneses’ have that we try to keep up with) only makes the Beast more powerful from our own spending money (power). We have created the very Beast we are pointing our fingers at. It’s just “the nature of the beast” as it is with our own corruptible nature.

It is our very nature that has to change before we can expect there to be any other changes in the direction we are to go in. It is a major discipline to be a good person in this world. I admire those who are most trustworthy and stable among us. I’m hoping at this point in our time that there are more good and optimistic people in the world than there bad, and totally lawless ones.

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