Why Men are the Best

q. They like it when you talk, and don’t be a careful prude.

s. They are willing to accept an imperfect world.

t. They love you in pink.

r. They love you in nothing.

p. They come with you to the convenience store to get coffee instead of going alone.

o. They work hard, and even don’t care how much damage they do to themselves at work, but
they would never, ever physically hurt you.

n. They respond to what you say with an affirmative, a reflection, or something on your page.

m. They’re thinking about being more like you, but you won’t ask.

l. You’re thinking about being more like them, and you will ask.

k. They will drive, and they drive carefully because you are in the car.

j. They don’t smother, but miss you immensely when you’re gone.


you’ve must have known some good men daze… that’s pretty cool…

I drive to impress cause I drive the best

but that’s me… and if I love a woman it don’t matter what she is wearing… pink or not…

the only discrepancies I have for this… regarding myself… but the rest is more or less spot on to what I think is a good man and what I TRY to be…

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My friend who totaled his vehicle swerving in and out of lanes on the highway after doing it every time on the highway once did it with a girl in his car and she said “stop” he said “why?” She says “because it makes it seem like we’re in a hurry” :smile: found her answer creative. I would tell him "it makes me fear for my damn life.

He’s young and naive, thinks he’s conquered the earth at the age of 23…ego…but he didn’t fit your reasoning

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ah… regardless of my last post in another thread… I prioritize safety… there is just a fuckload of leeway… except for on highways… like in the matrix… don;t go on the highways… you will die.

The last time a girl was driving me around she told me to stop checking the blindspots and just trust… so I did… then what do you know… she almost collides with a small yellow coop in her right blind-spot…

… maybe I should drive…

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yeah, I80 is deathtrap, but hwy 30 here is a lot just two lane, small towns, and major heavy loads like farm equipment come down there, amnonia or whatever the hell they’re carrying, sometimes going 25 mph, near accidents all the time.

My daughter, I just cross my heart and pray.

I’m glad you’ve found men that are like this, but there are men who are loathsome losers, too.

I think we need a couple more topics: Why Men Are All Right, Why Men Sometimes Annoy Me, Why Men Are Just Kind Of There.



k. They work jobs as a cook, or chef, against traditional norms of the sexes.

j. Their sense of humor wins you.

I. You haven’t gotten used to their smell or their voice, but you have memorized their eyes.

l. They don’t ask questions, but might want to put you in hand cuffs.

h. They wear comfy, grandpa shoes.

g. They want you to be on top.

f. They walk you to your car when you leave, and tell you to text when you get home.


Don’t forget about our ‘wayward balls’!!.. :wink:

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is that like the pendulum swings, baby?

this is such a sexist opinion, not a fact.
how can one be better than the other, when the only thing comparable is the ■■■■■ and vagina.

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honey I’m just playing today, kinda bored, my son is with his grandparents all day.

How’s you?

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i don’t think men are the best if it makes any difference x

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want you write one on women, can you?

i don’t think either are the best, you get good and bad in both tbh

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unfortunately not.
couldn’t do it even if I wanted to

All I want is a man who will give me the same pleasure as carbohydrates. :smirk:


meet your future husband


good mysterious pic, Sarad, ha, yeah, fuel up.

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That one goes on the other list!

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