When someone wishes you bad

I have people inside my body and outside world that wish ill towards towards to me. It’s awfully cruel when they attack you when you are going through a panic attack or cause an attack to occur. They call me a lot of names to hurt me to my core. I don’t know who these people are but wish just for peace. They started this because of my intrusive thoughts. I did not know those were intrusive thoughts but misinterpretations. They are making my thoughts worse though. Just wish them peace. It would be nice if i could do that.

I don’t want peace, not before justice is served.

And it will be. Very shortly, unfortunately.

You just can’t have peace before justice comes, not possible.

I’m sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it gets better soon. :heart:

What does it matter what they say? I need understanding? I need to know I’m not alone? I can deal without those things. Its not even cruel. In fact, when they talk down on me when I’m down, it can even be construed as a kind of helpless sympathy.