People make these comments to me


Suffering from intrusive thoughts but my ego is crushed when people say that i’m a child molester or they make sexual comments like I hump this or that. They make me feel inhuman and not worth to be nice to. I guess rumors about me are flying around or their is a video out there. Couple years ago when I didn’t suffer from intrusive thoughts i had more peace of mind. I had better thoughts and people weren’t making mean thoughts about me. What to do? Can i bring back those times?


Yeah dude I kind of went through something similar. Just gotta take control of yourself and slowly train yourself to think in a better manner. Sorry you going through that bro. They are just ■■■■■■■ around with you like they did me, but you can rise above and shut them up it takes time to figure it out and I cant really give you any advice. They would make you feel like a schmuck for your whole life if you let them. They are mentally perfect because they grew up in a world with telepathy. You can get there if you just start to simplify and think about whats going on around you. Break any self critical psychological structures you have and just be yourself. Good luck man. Im just now getting to the point that I have control over myself it took a couple years. I was a racist under sexualized mess of confusion and psychosis and I got better you can to. They like feeling better than you dont let them.


Hey Bryan Ashley, I’m more of a sis than a bro, but that’s ok. Thank you for your helpful comment.


Ah fair enough my bad. Belief in all that ■■■■ comes and goes. ■■■■ this illness and what happens in my mind. I thought I over heard a friend the other day. Don’t kill yourself were just ■■■■■■■ with you. It has kind of set me off.