When schizophrenics stop thinking it's all about them

Something kinda magical happens

Eyes wide open in the real world

And any offense



You think?

Or no?

This world is complicated to me, I’m complicated, people are complicated. Sometimes I think my eyes are wide open and I see everything as it is, clear as day, other times I realise my beliefs or feelings were completely misguided. As for offence, causing or taking it, it’s such a uniquely personal thing. When I read about someone being forced to publicly apologise for something that I think was not so bad, I get really angry at the ridiculousness of it, but then if I am offended by something, it is a very strong feeling I get from it. I wish things could be simpler, human relationships are really confusing. I can be equally perplexed by myself, by others, and by society as a whole. Part of me wishes there were set rules for these things, but I realise that wouldn’t work either.

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Ok. Thanks. Just wanted to show you my bicep right now in my sliding glass door

Lol, ok… Random, but why not? :wink:

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I was kinda hoping @sirBoring

Would be challenged

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Do you think I can take him

Arm wrestle match?

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I think it’d be a draw.

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There is no draw in a proper arm wrestle

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Looking at those biceps I’d say you’d be in with a good chance!

It’s the infantile mind that thinks it’s all about themselves. So we have been hurt to a regression. We need a lot of tlc to recover.

I have the opposite problem…I don’t think enough of myself…but when my Sz is hitting hard I worry about such grand plots I don’t pay my loved ones the attention they deserve…I’m too worked up and worried about the world and all those who inhabit it…wether it be because of the watchers or the people that control the microchips…so I guess though our problems are opposites the end result is the same…

I am pretty much like sure, that they don’t. They think they are targets of something that can’t be proven yet, but they are not thinking like “I am a sun and rest of you planets around this spot”. I must ask you, that do you think like most sz’s are not understanding something really obvious - like if you’d tell them then they can’t understand it?

But it is all about me. God told me this long ago in one of our weekly conversations.

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There probably ain’t nothing wrong with u nick

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Um, okay.

I’d like to introduce myself there daze.

Nice to meet you, i’m a torture victims of the fae.

Self centered, think everything is about me no. Just a torture victim of the fae man.

My life is utter terror and agony, that is all.

You don’t know where i’ve been and what they have done to me. What they do to me this very day.