When its not my noise i get anxious

My bunnies and my own noise im fine with but outside noise from others bothers me. I wonder why that is. When other people are loud i get anxious. Who else gets anxious from outside noise?


External voices/noise bothers me sometimes as well.

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The voices get to me occasionally but noise from my parents and other people kill me. Very sudden loud noises can send me into a panic attack.


I do. I have this one nieghbor. I live in apartments, balconies face each other.

I mean, wow, so happy she is not directly behind me. Kariokie machine. She caterwalls from abot 7am to 2 or 3pm. This is daily. She really cant sing. at all.

Sounds like Captain Caveman’s daughter.
I have to find something to drown it out.

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That would drive anyone crazy. You’re not sick, it’s your insane neighbor! Just kidding, but it’s too bad you have to wake up to that everyday.

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I am baffled myself as to why no one has complained?

I could not imagine living right next to her in an adjoining apartment.

Yes certain noises and any commotion will stress me out, your not alone. My 19 year old daughter comes to visit and within about 5 minutes I’m totally overwhelmed because she’s so noisy and animated. I’m constantly reminding her to take it down a notch.

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