Loud noises

When I was a kid I used to be afraid of loud noises. I would cover my ears and scream or cry. I think that’s pretty normal so no one worried.
Just last night I was think about how loud something was and I realized that I still really hate loud noises. I always knew that a lot of busy noise bothered me but I think that it’s all loud noise.
It just pierces into my brain and makes me super uncomfortable.

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You’re not the only one.

I can’t take too much loud noise. Screaming, loud crowds, fireworks, gun noises in movies… it makes me jump out of my skin. Can’t do it.

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It depends on my mood, but usually I am not a big fan of loud noises - Im with J on this. There are plenty of non SZ people that do not like loud noises either. Come to think of it, I dont know too many people that do like loud noises, it is just the fact that SZ people are hypersensitive to external stimuli many times

Yeah I have a big problem with excessive background noise, sudden loud noises. It depends on my mental state. Background noise and crowds give me anxiety, even though I’m no longer uncomfortable with people. Anxiety causes me to startle and jump, or feel jarred when I hear a loud sound. It’s like my nerves are vibrating sometimes. I’m hypersensitive to the background noise, I can’t hear the person right next to me. Sometimes a phone ringing with make me startled too, or drill into my head and disrupt my concentration and train of thought.

Loud noises in humans can indicate stress, anger, excitement. Our ears are always recording. It’s what are brains think of it, I hear stuff but I drown a lot of stuff out. Jets breaking the sound barrier or sonic booms they have always startled me.