When is sadness depression?

This might be an odd question, but I’ve been wondering… When is sadness depression?
I mean, when are you “just” sad, and when are you downright depressed?

I think it becomes depression when the sadness is chronic? But perhaps I’m wrong.?

I think you have to have multiple symptoms for a certain amount of time to have depression. You can Google depression and see a list of symptoms like hopelessness and sleeping too much.


I wonder too. I tell my Pdoc, that i am sad instead of depressed, because depression tends to have a psychotic feature.

If i wake up in the middle of the night, have psychotic symptoms, and are unbearable sad and suicidal, then i know it’s a real depression.

I often feel suicidal, but I’m still able to smile and get up in the morning despite haing bouts of sadness.
I know I suffer from seasonal depression, and it’s usually worst during the initial months until I get used to the altered mental state, so maybe that’s what’s starting to happen.

To me, suicidal thoughts are ALWAYS depression. I have never experienced suicidal thoughts outside a bad reaction to medication. I have never been diagnosed with depression. I don’t think you need to have suicidal thoughts to qualify as depressed, but I don’t think it is possible to have them without experiencing depression. The brain just isn’t supposed to jump to that conclusion, even during sad times.

Once I was really depressed and I could hardly eat. Other times I don’t know if it’s when you make plans, but then lose your motivation because everything seems hopeless.

I was suicidal without depression, just from psychosis. I wanted to prove to myself that I am God so I tried to kill myself twice, was close.

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I think depression is chronic sadness and hopelessness, being negative all the time. I don’t have depression, I am just flat, no emotions no motivation from negative symptoms.


I sort of see my suicidal thoughts as my brain telling me I’m under pressure and it wants an out, and since suicide is an easy out, that’s the default go-to.
But for the past few months I’ve daily had to struggle with the feeling of wanting to do bad things :confused:
Not as urgent as when I have myself admitted because I fear I can’t control it, just an underlying craving


I think the difference is that in depression one cannot function in life normally and one is suicidal, or sad longer than two weeks.

With sadness one can still function and not necessarily lose hope.

If I’m having a blue/empty feeling day I can still get up and make breakfast and go shopping. If I’m depressed I’d struggle to do these things. Usually if I’m lying on the floor staring into spaceand unable to look after myself I’d say I’m depressed. Or if I cut.

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i used to have depression bad in my 20’s…but i did not see it as sadness…my depression was intense…funny thing is i wasnt sad…itsd just i had intense depreesed moods…it was like a dark cloud came over me…it was an illness…personally i see depression as seperate to sadness…they are nit the same thing imo

if i could just shake off the depression my life would have been great…i had things going for me…i wanted to enjoy life…but i had a problem of a dark cloud coming over me not sadness but A DARK CLOUD

for those going through it just remember you will and do get better

Call a psychologist and ask for one of the written tests, if you can do it over the phone.

I think a nurse might be able to do that for you, if you’re polite.

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