When is it elation and when do I need to be careful about mania? I don’t trust my experiences... is yoga and meditation safe for us?

I can’t tell the difference between

  1. a coffee high and getting excited
    And 2. Beginning psychosis

I don’t know if spiritual imagery of feeling

  • 4 chickens walking into my chest while meditating (the chickens are coming home to roost )
    Is 1. Normal and where they got the phrase from or
  1. Total barking madness

About a year ago I’ve run away from yoga for 9 months because of one chakra opening in class because

  1. It frightens me and
  2. I know my mum wouldn’t approve

I’m becoming

  1. more centred and independent of spirit
    And 2. Emotional and needy

I’m thinking about myself being a representation of death, because I didn’t have a child.

I’m sure a spiritual path carries risks but what about schizophrenia

I think meditation is just asking for trouble if you have schizophrenia.


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