Anyone had kundalini experiences?

Hi i have had 2 once in kundalini yoga once while unwell

it is pretty spooky but i’d like to have it go the whole way (she stops at my throat chakra)

I have been advised against kundalini yoga because of begin schizophrenic and no one in my family or friends would even believe

let me be clear i’m not trying to do a go off meds thing here i know we need meds

and i’ve done a load of Asian practices prior to my kundalini yoga class

Don’t even know where to look for advice - other than to the teacher and she might not have experience with mental health

a high up monk meditation teacher has advised me to stay away

i just would like to be awakened but i don’t wake up early enough to meditate in the mornings and i’m not motivated enough to do yoga any more even

I cycle and walk and write but i have no daily practice of anything

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what is kundalini yoga? I used to relaxation yoga over my lunch hour, and I know what kama sutra is :slight_smile:

Kundalini yoga - new to this city here in Plymouth uk
it’s a series of movements like jumping where you sit and stretching imaging a rainbow of energy and strange stuff like that
it’s not normal yoga it’s directly aimed at awakening kundalini energy which is the serpent or goddess or whatever you want to call this soul inside us that lives at the base of the spine and coils up through the spine and chakras’ and goes out through the crown of your head when you die etc
a Hindi thing i think

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If you think, yoga is going to awaken you, you minus well start talking to the trees for answers to life.