When I'm on my deathbed, don't I want to be able to say I did something with my life?

Even if it is only to have overcome some aspects of my sz.


You seem to have overcome a lot of aspects of your schizophrenia from what I can see :sunny:


thank you, @everhopeful but I have a long way to go.


Don’t we all… …

What would you want to say?

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I don’t want to say anything on my death bed. I want death to come suddenly and quickly.

You did a lot of things. You have gotten through a lot of suffering. You should be proud of yourself, when you die. Little things count as well, like taking a shower.

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when i am on my deathbed and if my family are around me i would probably say btw love you all.

and tell them try to live off organic vegan whole food, and give a mini lecture on why :rofl: just me and my delusions

I would tell them don’t be afraid to be yourselves because you are all cool.

i would not really want to talk about what i did with my life

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I’m not planning on having family - I have one sister who lives far away. I guess I just figured I’d be dying alone.


you can speak to us here.

I was figuring on being bedridden. I only have a pc, no little laptop or tablet or smart phone.

When it’s time to put me in a nursing home, I’ll remember that.

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I tried a lot of things: marriage, motherhood, cosmetology, nursing, military, lesbianism, music study, composition , and production, and authorship. None of them worked out in the long run. All of them ended, for me, in failure.

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Which was your favorite, @SkinnyMe ?

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The early years of motherhood. Like from pregnancy up to age 12 or so.


I think I would like to be a friend. Take all the competition our of relationships and all of the criticism and gossip, also.

I would tell everyone how I love them, and what each of them has brought to my life. If I develop something like cancer, I am probably going to opt for the assisted suicide option. It has just become legal here in Canada. That is of course, after kicking and screaming and trying to kick its ass LOL

My sister’s mother-in-law went that way, and my sister said it was quite beautiful. Her whole family was there and she passed away, softly and quietly


Recently my son said me that if you have to die than die due to weight of money. So I think his wishes comes true.
Its was a event that he asked why I am chewing tobacco.

@AKu Did he mean you’d die due to worrying about money?

No, Die after earn a big amount.
He has no sense of worldliness,