When I was taking Risperdal

Ok, so a few years ago I began taking olanzapine because I believed the tv and everyone were watching me. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Olanzapine adidn’t help, so a year later I was put on Risperdal. The drug made me nervous, anxious, and scared but it made me think that maybe there really isn’t a camera hidden in me. So now I’m thinking should I add Risperdal back even though I don’t like the side effects. Olanzapine keeps me calm but Risperdal keeps me anxious and nervous. Or should I just combine both? Help please.


This might be a good idea.
Best to ask your doctor.


Asking your doctor is your best bet. Best wishes.


yea i say same as the others… talk about it with your pdoc. It’s hard for us to say what to do with your meds

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