When i was strapped to a bed i could not move

what did I feel…?

shock and powerless


When they strapped me down I got soooo angry. Like, uncontrollable rage. I’m still ■■■■■■■ pissed about it.


I have never been strapped to a bed, but I’m sure it must be a very traumatic experience.


I was 14 at the time. I thought I was a badass because it was my first time in handcuffs. It got old very quickly.


God bless you man, someday people will realize what a cruel and base method of calming someone this is. I think it should be banned. Things will change one day


They had these thick leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles which were connected to the gourney by short thick chains. I remember glancing at the orderlies as they chained me face down. The orderlies eyes all looked evil and looked like they had absolute power over me. I’ve been strapped down three times and each time the people doing it looked evil. Did I just imagine it? IDK.


They are going to kill me.

I used tell bs things to doc to give me sedatives while in ward and I would get just better instant they decided to sedate me so they would just put me in the room for a few minutes before letting me out. I had this game I made, I took the gelatin from cigarette pack and make a loose ball and then try to keep it in the air blowing air from my palm. It took them 3 times before stopping to play along. We also used to bet on who on the ward is going to spend the night at the room strapped. I never gotten strapped, tho ward without that room would be a disgrace :smiley:

lucky you…I get strapped every time I go in there. Sometimes multiple times.

I’d rather be strapped down than have to take some of the antipsychotic medications we have to take.

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I have been locked in rooms by myself but never strapped down.

Same here. They didn’t use restraints in the hospital I was in, just put you in your own little room with a bathroom and a mattress till you calmed down. A couple people did get chemical restraints, the ole thorazine or haldol shot. I only saw it happen to people screaming.

I got strapped down and then comes the needle…that needle makes me want to throw up and I feel sick for a couple days after each time.

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I was strapped to a bed when I tried to hurt myself.

They used elastic and cotton bandages to fix my arms. I was like that for several hours (5 hours i think???)

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