To love or not to love

Love issues! How many of you are
happily in love
happily single
desperately alone
who needs a love when there is a bacon.

I choose love.
If not, there is Nutella.


I tried the love thing, it didn’t work out to well.

I was married before, it ended horribly - I was in lust many times but love was really complicated for me.

A lust for love.
Powerful statement

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Nice new avatar, by the way. :))

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Thanks @sarad - this one will do for now

I´ve been in long relationships. But love has been complicated.

I´ll stick to the Nutella for a while(-:


There’s nothing more exhausting than a long relationship that leads to the dead end.

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I’ve never been in love as an adult. When I was young I got the most intense crushes on girls. I thought about the girl I had a crush on constantly. I remember one time I went swimming, and I was surprised when I realized I hadn’t thought about this girl for thirty minutes. When I turned fourteen all that ended.

I have never been in love. Thought so once but found out later it was just lust.

From this straining earth a flower grows,
To have and to hold, pistil and stamen,
From this rotting earth a flower grows,
To have and to hold, to make life bearable,
From this bleeding earth a flower grows,
To have and to hold, to inhale the sweetness of tender feelings,
From this dying earth a flower grows,
Let us hold this flower gently,
And search for the meaning of the stars.
In each other’s eyes. - original -


i crave it, i demand it, it oozes from my pores

gravy, gotta love dat lol

my newest chat up line is pretty cheesy, it goes- ‘i want to ride a unicorn into space to lasso the stars in your eyes’

i made that up myself lol, quite proud of it actually haha

heart would probably be better than eyes at the end there

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THAT is a powerful poetry! Yours?

yea, that is awesome crimby

Thank you. It’s mine.

we should seriously have a poetry competition in the creativity section lol

maybe a few styles, free styling is my favourite but it is hard to do real good, its spur of the moment improvisation etc, love it

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Thats an excellent idea. Many people here are so good at writing.

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Very happily single. Never married. No kids. Nutella for me.


just started one called ‘carry on poetry’

hope it takes off lol

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Desperately alone and occasionally indifferent. I run between feeling lonesome as all hell and empty and hating it, to feeling like I totally accept my lonely life and I truly don’t care and feel super zen about. I flip flop between these extremes. I guess it depends on how my day is going. :confused:

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