When do you take your clonazepam?

I was wondering when you guys take your clonazepam?

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When I used to have a prescription for it I would take it when I’m having anxiety or ocd symptoms, but I used to take it at night when my nightmares kept me up. So it was an as needed thing.

I used to take it for long car rides, and if I had an anxiety attack, the knowledge that it would kick in, in about 30min put my attacks in perspective and it just felt like something proactive I could do during them.

Since then I’ve stopped having attacks, and now I use it to counteract the effects of akathesia, that I get.

so just after I take my pills at night.

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I don’t need it anymore now that my Zyprexa has eliminated my panic attacks, but when I was on Haldol, I used to take Klonopin around 11 a.m. or noontime. My symptoms were always worse in the late morning/early afternoon.

when i feel like i need it, sometimes i dont take it even when i feel like i need it, sucks to feel bad but i imagine being dependent on it is worse so i take it sparsely

I take mine am and pm,

Twice a day to prevent anxiety.

My new pdoc won’t prescribe it. She says dependency is worse than an attack. I don’t think she realizes that it saves me from going to the hospital. I’m so pissed and scared. It’s ■■■■■■■ bs.

I used to take it every day. Now I have few pills left and my pdoc won’t prescribe me any more. Now I have to deal with scary ass anxiety even when I’m doing something that used to calm me like drawing. Now when I do art I freak out internally and the emotions and anxiety is uneasy. I never realized how much clonazapam helped until I was taken off it

I have cloneazepam and ativan prescribed to me as needed.

I take ativan if I’m about to have a panic attack or wake up with akathisia.

I take cloneazepam preventatively if I foresee a difficult day or evening, like if I’m low on sleep or feel anxiety starting to ramp up.

Every morning I take .25. Sometimes take another .25 at night

I took myself off of them with pdoc approval because I was abusing it.

Sorry to hear @FatMama

Glad you’re off now!!

They have no abuse potential for me

Strange how everything affects everyone a certain way. Some things I just have to say NO MORE if it’s bad for me. But other things like klonopin I can take .25 every day and never more than .75 and be fine.

I hear of kids getting high off Xanax but I never got high on any benzo even when I od’d I never felt high. Just blacked out.

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I take it at night time for sleep problems.

I’ve never taken Clonazepam, but i have taken Alprazolam and Diazepam. I’ve only ever taken them as required…say when i feel very anxious or agitated. It is best, if possible, not to take these kind of drugs frequently…but then everyone else’s experience is different so just take them as your doctor prescribes.

I take it PRN, usually 3 - 4 days apart to prevent tolerance.

It really helps with my paranoid thinking.

I used to take klonopin but didn’t like it as much as Ativan. I take my benzo on an as needed basis, basically if I notice myself getting paranoid, or if I start getting ptsd anxiety at night or start getting psychosis symptoms at night. Now that I’m on good meds those situations don’t happen all that often anymore so I only take it once in a blue moon. I used to have to take it literally every night before bed.

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