Klonopin ... when do you take it?


what times of day do you take your Klonopin?


I took it as needed, then I got addicted and took even more. Now, I’m not allowed to have any benzos.


Only when I need to which is typically at night


I used to take it 3 times a day. Then ativan 3 times a day. Now come off it via Valium which I take a small amount of at night ( less than 1mg of klonopin)in the evening.

Do you take it. ?


It was prescribed for me but when I started it he said to take it at 8am and 5pm. I started it at 5pm and I was too hazy in the evening to read anything.


I used to take it morning, afternoon, and evening/night


I take Klonopin regularly only if symptoms are problematic. When I do I usually always take one in the morning and sometimes in the evening if the voices are bothering me too much


Day or nnighht 141515


I take .25-.5 before going in public sometimes. For example I’m coming off of an injection and have been having a lot of anxiety because of it so I’ve been taking it daily. Usually towards the end of the day


For anxiety and arthritis pain, I take CBD oil 10 mg every morning, when I awake, whenever that is. And for anxiety, I take Klonipin 0.25 mg every afternoon at about 3 pm. For insomnia, I take Klonipin 0.5 mg at night as needed. For insomnia, I also take Melatonin 5 mg every night at 9 pm.


I love klonopin because it sooths you and calms you down and it makes you feel better and happier. I take it every time I get an episode and when I can’t sleep.