When did your wisdom teeth come in?

I seem to have 3 coming in at the same time. At various stages

I don’t remember when they came in. I’m 35 and still have them as they never really bothered me.

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When I was16, 35 years ago. When they came in one of them came up and cracked my back molar, I had to have it pulled and the wisdom tooth replaced that molar, the other 3 came in fine.

My daughter needs to have hers pulled but she can’t because she’s pregnant. So she’s suffering everyday and has to wait til she stops breastfeeding. Poor thing.

Mine came in when I was about 20 to about 26. They were impacted and I got loads of infections. Ouch.

I don’t think I’ve ever had wisdom teeth.

They never came in. There was no room on my mouth for them. They were removed by surgery at age 14 before they ever came in.

I’m 29 and they once told me I didn’t even have wisdom teeth they were so far back. Turns out I do but they’re not much of a bother.

I’m 29, and my last wisdom tooth just came in this year.
Apparently it’s been having trouble surfacing my gums.

They haven’t given me any grief, though. Which is a relief, because my dad’s came in all crooked, and I’m a lot like him.

No idea when they came in but I had them removed late thirties.

I just got my two wisdom tooth out this past sept

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