When antipsychotics don't work

I thought maybe I’d been experiencing less weird stuff lately since starting risperidone but then last night and today happened. The demon hasn’t been leaving me alone. I’m using everything in me to ignore it and not engage. It may have been trying to send me messages on the radio later that were difficult to ignore but it could have been my imagination. I’m just tired and am scared that since meds haven’t worked that it’s all real.

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Meds don’t work overnight. It can takes months. They have to build up in your system.


I second that. Took me about six months to get a good response.


Thanks that does make me feel better


Remember that it’s temporary. I myself am having some struggles and will be pushing for stelazine to replace my geodon. zyrpexa just made me binge eat lol now I want to purge. So is the struggle. I will just sit and drink my coffee and spend time on the interwebs.

Hey you will be alright, maybe try something like haldol, thorazine, stelazine, a typical AP

atypicals and their health damages have added up to where I just want a typical AP.

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I’m sorry you are going through this Anna, it must be very frightening.

Give it time though, it takes a long time for antipsychotics to really work properly, can be over a month with some of them.

How are you finding respiridone otherwise? Any side effects like when you were on Abilify?

I really hope this one works for you, I know you fought hard to get on something different.

Risperidone has been wonderful so far, no real side effects at all as of yet. I feel it is a good match for my body it’s just not doing anything for my psychosis yet. But I had to be on Abilify for weeks and weeks to even see slight improvement in symptoms so I really should just be more patient.

I am a fan of the typicals.

That’s great news and I am so happy to read it!

Give it time and I’m sure it will help you greatly.

I thought the typicals were bad because they gave way more side effects and you’re basically guaranteed to get TD on them? How is that less damaging to health?

Not sure if it is a gimme that atypicals have less side effects than typicals. Take weight gain, diabetes and sexual dysfunction.

In my experience if you find a typical that gives you few side effects there is a good chance it will be more effective than some atypicals.