What's your weight in kgs

I’m 80 kgs

What are u ?


Today I weigh 81.6466266 kgs

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I weighed myself today at 76kg after losing 4 kg through exercise alone. I haven’t changed my diet or beer consumption and I am pleased with the result. It is a slow weight loss, but I am glad I am losing it all the same.

How tall are you @anon97118089 ? If you don’t mind me asking…

I would say I’m 6 ft possibly 6.1 ft

not sure how to convert that

I’m in size 10 jeans

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I’m only 5ft6, so you must be pretty skinny for that height/weight ratio.

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I’am 75 kg and 6ft 1

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Yea I just got a big stomach due to zyprexa.

What ap u on ?

What ap are u on @Mountainman

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Not as skinny as @Mountainman though. Must be the hard labour?

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I am on Abilify, get my shot this morning


I am 63 kg skinny :slight_smile:

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105 kgs 15151515

What is your height om?

1.78cm. I am 20 kgs overweight. The kgs I gained by risperidone

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195cm 103kg. I was 70kg before I started meds

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Haha,I’m 54-56kg. 54 in the mornings. Feel OK about my shape. used to be very slim.

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Wow that’s thin.

What is your height

I’m 160cm. don’t know how to convert it to foot.

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