What's your weight in kgs

You are 5 foot and 2 inches. KG are meaningless to me. I use pounds but I am about 95 kilograms according to google.

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thanks a lot @TomCat .

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5-11.5 about 109 kgs , whereas ideally I should be about 74 kgs.

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131 kg. I never was so overweight. It all started with my psychosis.


98kg 187cm here

Around 80kg with 1m73. Before zyprexa I was fluctuating between 55 and 60kg. Always was at the low border of BMI or just underweight. Now I’m at the upper border or just overweight.

I’m 172 cm and 60 kg.

97 kgs 15151515

i don’t know kilos but I am 18 stone in weight

I’m only 76kg/12 stone I lost about 1 stone/6.3 kg since me being in the system

101kg that whatr I weigh

Last time I checked I was 55kg.

I am around 161cm I think.

So I have a normal bmi.

I was around 73 kg when I was on olanzapine.

When I changed to latuda I was around 62kg for quiet some time.

Off medzzzz I’m usually between 50-55kg.

70.8 kg 15151515

80 kg/ 177 cm 15

This morning 101 kgs…I’m honing in on that sub 100kgs and doing well. I started all this at 110 at my worst so 10 kgs on zyprexa is pretty darned good but I’m interested to see how far I can take it!

I was always, before meds, super skinny so I can wear it well. It still needs to come down so well done me!

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Sadly I weigh in at 70 kg these days. I had always been fairly skinny but the Zyprexa made me put on a while lot of weight. I’m hoping to slowly lose this weight with the exercise I’ve been doing.

im 74kg
used to be more, used to be less
im 162cm

I am 165 cm and I weigh 71 kg.

My weight is in my belly :santa:


Me too,… And thighs…