What's your list of Top 5 favourite Movies?

Here’s mine!!!1.The lord of the rings, 2.Inception, 3.The Bourne Identity, 4.Edge of tomorrow, 5.Man on Fire

  1. Goodfellas 2,For a Few Dollars More 3. Terminator 2 4. Blazing Saddles 5. Life of Brian

@Del79!hello!how are you?i hope great

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Doing fine. Hope you are good. :+1:

I’m great! Thanks! Nice to meet u!where are u from?

I stay in Scotland just now

That’s wonderful! I have never been to Scotland! I hear it’s a nice place! I have lived in England though! I’m from Nigeria

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It’s colder than England. :smile: Never been to Nigeria. Used to love watching your football team though. :grinning:

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Yeah Nigerians love football! But u guys in the UK are amazing at football

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Not Scotland though. :joy:

Okocha, Kanu,Finidi George, Amunike, Amokachi and Babayaro were great.

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Lord of the Rings, Inception, Beetlejuice, Little Big Man, The Graduate, Network - I chose six. I’m sorry. I had to sneak one in.


Nice one! Hello! Hw are you? I hope great

  1. Carry on Screaming. 4. National Velvet. 3. Sea Biscuit. 2. The Kidnappers. 1. The Quiet Man.
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  1. Lexi belle pov bj
  2. Lexi belle seduces coworker
  3. Lexi belle pov ■■■■■■■
    you get the picture…

They’re all relatively short films.


You forgot, “Deep Throat” and “Debbie Does Dallas”. Classics.

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The Pink Panther, Mr Bean Holiday, Girl Interrupted, Life Is Beautiful, Johnny English
Can’t think of any more…

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I enjoyed girl interrupted also!johnny english was funny! Hello, how are you today I hope great! Saadiqah is a nice name(means truthful or sincere in Arabic) . I’m Musa

  1. Godfather -1,2,3
  2. The Departed
    3.A beautiful Mind
  3. Kill bill/ Pulp fiction
  4. American beauty

I really enjoyed the departed and kill bill!nice one!hello,how are you today? I hope well. Saurav is that ur first name?