What do I like: movies

My favorite movies: disturbia, fight club, rules of attraction, we’re the millars, bad teacher,step brothers,tropic thunder, Prometheus, titanic , …alpha dog,girl next door, inception, project x,super bad, pineapple express,this is the end,the social network,the hangover pt1(should’ve been the only part)


Cool picks,i enjoy stuff that is relative to life,like JFK,or war movies,and documentary stuff is way cool.


I like comedy’s. The first time I saw Dumber and Dumber it made me an instant Jim Carrey fan. And “Pet Detective” was hilarious. “Tombstone” was a great movie too, and “Good Fellas”.

I’m emabrassed to admit it, But I liked “Spice World”, starring the Spice Girls.


Good movie picks…i enjoy kung fu movies mostly old poorly dubbed but the new epics and comedy ones are great kung fu hustle is awesome… certain types of horror movies the torture genre is terrible…things like evil dead army of darkness is more to my taste…

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And who can forget, “Beavis and Butthead Do America”.

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Wow… Nice list. I have seen a couple of the ones you mention. I like most of the popular scifi movies.

The last movie I saw was the new jungle book movie… I really loved it! It blew away my expectations. Holy cow!It was very well made!

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One of my dreams is to go to the movies

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Spice World ???..you should be emberrased but Dumb and Dumber is freaking hilarious!, Jeff whats his name is at his best in that one.

Yeah, the acting was terrible and juvenile but the girls were cute and I like their music.

yeah sometimes tits and ass can make a movie, a movie like that is Hurly Burly the movie kinda sucks but its worth watching just to see whats her name as a hooker that gets thrown out the car LOL!!!

Meg Ryan thats her name,I tell you that she plays a great hooker because she naturally looks so sweet.

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