What's your life's priority?

I want to stop drinking tons of coffee, to dress me and take bath everyday without exception (no more pajama days), to stop internet addiction (maybe I need a timer), to wake up at a precise hour in the morning and not a variable hour in the middle of the day, to practice sport at least one hour per day. I want to stop missing people, people from past and the unknown too, that would be a great step because it really cuts down my productivity. I want to decide what I want to do in life, and never come back nor change my direction or decision. Indecisiveness is a big problem for me. I want stop the idea and feeling I am always losing, and stop the cycle of depressive thoughts. Last one is very important. So my life priority is to restestablish wellness.

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Getting through this year (it’s been a rough start) with my sense of humor still intact.