Do you have tattoos?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Someday

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Yes I have 6 tattoos


no tattoos =D 151515

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16 tattoos. I will have more


I have 6. Need to get several fixed.


None yet, but I know two that I want.

It’s generally frowned upon in my tribe to get tattoos,

But I’ve considered it.

Never got one though.

Probably won’t, ever.

The idea doesn’t super appeal to me.

I still like tattoos on other people.

I have one.


i have plans for some, waiting until i get my body fit.

I have both arms done - two sleeves

Not going to say how much it cost overall!

:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Anyways, I was going to get my chest done, but as a compromise, I have decided now to get my ears pierced, and I’ll get some fake plugs once they’re healed and decide if I like them enough to have them stretched properly or not

:grin: :grin: :grin:

I’ve seen some very cool tattoos, but I have also seen some really bad ones.

Personally I will never get a Tattoo, there is nothing I want on my body permanently.

I have the Greek maths Pi sign on my wrist.

My back is done in wings, hummingbird on my calf, metatron cube on my forearm.

Would get more, mad man in me wants to go to the extreme and get a couple face tattoo’s, skull, hands. Go all out.

I was hoping to see pictures of people’s tats… Anyone?


Buzzy. Is it expensive to get a tattoo?

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One of my old friends was an artist, I never paid more than $100 to get a piece of any size.

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Gotta like it. I’ve had a few ideas for a tattoos, but the Chinese characters have been so over done, plus I’m a chickenshit LOL

If you like it get it, once you get one you realize everyone gets their own for their own reasons and its not such a big deal, the most judgmental people about tattoos are those who don’t have them, it hurts but it’s tolerable, I’ve sat through 3 hours sessions that didn’t make me at all sick and queazy like getting blood work does to me.

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I have seven and will get more when I can afford it.

Hopefully can save up to have another one next year.

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I have no tattoos and I will never get a tattoo. Never.

I think tattoos degrade women’s beautiful bodies and are a disgrace. I don’t care about men’s bodies.

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