Hate my life

Gotta say this is probably my most professional, best lyrics, and one of my most relatable songs. I don’t like to say “my best song” anymore. Because all are different for other reasons. I guess I wrote this depressed, recorded it kind of neutral, and now I feel good. Hey the creative process eh


Nice song! :+1:

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I would say that this is quite a disturbing song, I wish you are not addicted to LSD in your real life. I like your song postings.

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Not anymore but I really used to be. Sorry if it was disturbing. I think I was aiming for that shock value though.

Ever since I’m on the right meds for me, I haven’t done lsd. But it used to be a monthly, sometimes weekly. Sometimes practically daily thing. And mixing it with meds. I’m still feeling the affects from it I’d say. Was what I was trying to say. And I was depressed when I wrote it. But now I’m feeling much better Thanks !! I’m trying to convey the darkness of my past.

The lyrics sound very personal. I hope you don’t really hate your life. As a schizophrenic the lyrics are relatable during certain moments of my life. I do have one thing to say, your rhyming pattern here is freaking awesome. Also your delivery comes a lot more natural now. I have to say you’ve improved a lot! Your flow is much better now.

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Haha thanks Ilovethaifood

Yeah idk my last song was good too but this is like “ single” worthy almost haha. I feel it’s got a feel people would like. It’s controversial a bit but its got good metaphors and suddenness about it. It is hard to get delivery PERFECT. which is why I amplified certain words in the chorus to be louder and some softer.

I don’t hate my life. But maybe I should have said schizoaffective. Because it’s my bipolar acting up. I feel fine now.

Also was sick for a few days. Really got me depressed. But hey I got this out of it lol.

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