Whats your favourite book


i really like marya hornbacher book
madness a bipolar life the fact someone else is going through it makes me feel less alone.
what are your favourite books.


goosebumps books


Elric of Melniboné series.


My favorite book I ever read was probably… I have no ide it’s been to long.


I enjoyed Hop on Pop.


Lord of the Rings


My favorite book is The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu.


There is no one favorite, but I might be sophomoric and say, “Whatever book I’m reading.”


Leaving out all my fave dystopian literature (because they’re all perfect and shame other books)
I chooose…

The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck
Ughhh… so damn good. I’ve read it quite a few times.



robin hood.
take care


I love anything by Terry Pratchett. I go for humor and classics.

I’m in a Three Musketeers phase… I didn’t know this but there are two more. “Twenty Years After” and “The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later” I had no idea The Three Musketeers had sequels. That’s what I’m reading now.


“Green Eggs and Ham”.


All the King’s Men, by Robert Penn Warren


I just bought a copy of The Night Country at the used book store, by Loren Eiseley.


I like this series , too. I also like Harry Potter books.


Another series is The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. I especially like the first three books.



Like a lot of the works but think most pertinent to be CATCH-22…

It’s about being put in stupid situations and being called crazy but it’s still a book I can read and laugh out loud at how funny it is but at the next moment feel so crippingly stupid for such an ugly thing like war.

Truly an amazing read…but . I used to read three books a week before diagnosis and have probably read three books since 1999 since! My bad!

A friend in the struggle,



I feel like my favorite books change constantly but there are a few that have stood out. Messiah by Boris Starling (about a serial killer who believes he is Christ reborn) and I am also fond of Erica Spindler and Dan brown…I am also a sucker for a good romance novel


Holy ■■■■, I loved those books.