Important question

as a mentally ill… what is your dream??

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Yo go into remission!!! That would be a dream come true.
What about you?

to be cured completely from my mental illness. thats my big dream

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Do u think its possible

To feel like I did from 2013 prior.

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Although there is no cure, I always dreamed off feeling like a kid who has never touched drugs. A sober mind, if you will.

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im pretty sure its possible

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Ah cool

Nice answer

To live till I’m 90.

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you have to be optimistic… thats the key

To love a few good people and be loved by them. To mean something positive in their lives.

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My dream is to perform piano in my nearby nursing home on an informal basis.


That sounds fulfilling

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I hope you make it :slight_smile:

thank you very much… wish you the best luck


My dream is to figure out definitively what to do with my time. I have too many ambitions.

My dream is to have a fair number of interesting activities and happiness in my free time. I hope to find this in a few years when it is time to retire. Or maybe sooner.

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