Whats your disability allowance amount?

I applied for disability in Lithuania but because I haven’t worked here for 10 months I can’t get anything, so applied for English disability allowance.

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I get $812 CAD per month.

But my one bedroom apartment, with kitchen and living room and furnace, has only cost me $140 CAD per month for the last 17 years. It’s a nice Knights Village 3 floor apartment building designed for the disabled and non-disabled. The apartments are on the left side of the road.


In South Africa disability is only R1700 just enough to buy groceries and nothing else so I work

Mine is $1135 per month, (United States) with a $30 increase per year.

What disability allowance can I expect to get from UK?

Do you live in the UK?
Idk if u can get it if u are in Lithuania

My doctor has completed an application and sent to foreign affairs office, it was long and detailed form. I can get disability allowance because I worked for 5 years in the UK and have national insurance number

Wow. You’re very lucky you may be able to get it from theUK. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I get $700/ month

I don’t think it’s as much as before since universal credit is the new benefit system and if you are new to benefits u may not be entitled to the premium bonus amount. So that would mean ud get about£ 317 per month or if they assess u as someone who can’t work at all then it would be 317 plus an additional 336 pounds.

Then there is pip benefits idk if you can get that one cos wen I tried to apply for pip they went through some long process for me to proof my residence in the UK. Pip amounts depend on if you have a mobility disability too. Usually people with mi only get the daily living component which is about £56 to about 86 pounds per week.

And then housing benefits is dependant upon where u live in the UK due to local housing allowance :s

I get about £600 per month PIP. I work part time and live with my partner who works so I don’t get ESA or housing benefit. I’m not sure how much ESA would be.

The deal is I have returned to Lithuania but I lived 5 years in UK with minor breaks but I lived 2 years in the past 3 years in UK. I hope this form passes, it takes a long time to process like 5 months to determine what I get and how long do I get it. I’m really stressed about it because from my government I don’t get a penny

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UK benefits sound complicated, then again I was never good with numbers :sweat_smile:

Yes it gets more complex if you work, at every different income amount above a threshold level, you are awarded with a different total sum of universal credit benefit

I forgot that ESA is now Universal Credit.

I don’t know anything about claiming these benefits abroad, but I’m guessing that you are only able to do so because Lithuania is another EU country and as it looks as though we are leaving the EU soon, I don’t know how that will affect things.

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I applied and got nothing it really depends on individual circumstances … plus they are scrapping dla for pip i hear

Are you from UK?

I get $1095 CAD per month.

My guilt levels are rising. I don’t want the money but I need it.


Where I live, the difference in individual disability income also varies but the average income sits at $950. I get that much. I believe a small percentage of folks work on top of their disability but If they do work, they only get to keep half of their earnings unless they’re in school. There are a few more complications, but I won’t get into it.

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I get $830 basic disability plus $900 for kids plus $1100 from permanent disability insurance through my past job. When I hit 53 it’ll be way less without kids. Then when I hit 60 the work disability will end and hopefully old age security will help there.

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